Simile Venture Partners
We invest in early stage start-ups within Consumer Internet, Digital Media and Mobile sectors in Europe and emerging markets


Population: 146.3 mln

Internet users: 87.5 mln (59.8%)

Mobile phones: 146.3 mln (100%)

  • Russia


Population: 1.3 bln

Internet users: 354 mln (28.3%)

Mobile phones: 894 mln (71.4%)

  • India


Population: 204.3 mln

Internet users: 109.8 mln (57,3%)

Mobile phones: 204.3 mln (100%)

  • Brazil


Population: 77.7 mln

Internet users: 46.3 mln (59,6%)

Mobile phones: 67.7 mln (87,1%)

  • Turkey


Population: 256 mln

Internet users: 73 mln (28.5%)

Mobile phones: 256 mln (100%)

  • Indonesia


Population: 46.4 mln

Internet users: 35.7 mln (76.9%)

Mobile phones: 46.4 mln (100%)

  • Spain


Population: 60.8 mln

Internet users: 37.7 mln (62%)

Mobile phones: 60.8 mln (100%)

  • Italy


Population: 5.7 mln

Internet users: 5.4 mln (94.7%)

Mobile phones: 5.7 mln (100%)

  • Denmark


Population: 9.7 mln

Internet users: 9.2 mln (94.8%)

Mobile phones: 9.7 mln (100%)

  • Sweden

Hong Kong

Population: 7.1 mln

Internet users: 5.8 mln (81.7%)

Mobile phones: 7.1 mln (100%)

  • Hong Kong


Population: 5.7 mln

Internet users: 4.7 mln (82%)

Mobile phones: 5.7 mln (100%)

  • Singapore


Population: 94.3 mln

Internet users: 47.3 mln (50.1%)

Mobile phones: 94.3 mln (100%)

  • Vietnam


Population: 68 mln

Internet users: 23.7 mln (34.9%)

Mobile phones: 68 mln (100%)

  • Thailand


Population: 109.6 mln

Internet users: 47.1 mln (43%)

Mobile phones: 103 mln (94%)

  • Philippines


Population: 30.5 mln

Internet users: 20.6 mln (67.5%)

Mobile phones: 30.5 mln (100%)

  • Malaysia


Population: 81.1 mln

Internet users: 71.7 mln (88,6%)

Mobile phones: 81.1 mln (100%)

  • Germany


Population: 66.1 mln

Internet users: 55.4 mln (83.8%)

Mobile phones: 62.2 mln (94.1%)

  • France

United Kingdom

Population: 64.8 mln

Internet users: 59.3 mln (91.5%)

Mobile phones: 64.8 mln (100%)

  • United Kingdom


Population: 8.2 mln

Internet users: 7.1 mln (86.5%)

Mobile phones: 8.2 mln (100%)

  • Switzerland


Population: 8.6 mln

Internet users: 7.1 mln (82.5%)

Mobile phones: 8.6 mln (100%)

  • Austria


Population: 16.9 mln

Internet users: 16.1mln (95.2%)

Mobile phones: 16.9mln (100%)

  • Netherlands


Population: 9,5 mln

Internet users: 8,8 mln (93,2%)

Mobile phones: 9,5 mln (100%)

  • UAE


Population: 520.7 ths

Internet users: 510.2 ths (98%)

Mobile phones: 520.7 ths (100%)

  • Luxembourg
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Russia India Brazil Turkey Indonesia Spain Italy Denmark Sweden HongKong Singapore Vietnam Thailand Philippines Malaysia Germany France United_Kingdom Switzerland Austria Netherlands UAE Luxembourg
We are entrepreneurs above all

Simile Venture About us

We are entrepreneurs and early stage investors sharing a common set of core values: Trust, Hard Working, Ambition, Initiatives and Passion for what we do.

We have been working together over decade and successfully built market-leader companies in a wide spectrum of business models in the consumer internet and direct marketing space. We have gained concrete and extensive expertise in growing businesses from inception to mature and profitable long-lasting companies, funds raising activities and exit transactions. 

Adapting to each founder's needs, we leverage our own entrepreneurial successes and network to assist portfolio companies in their journey of building extraordinary companies. 

We have been there and we are here to help you.

Tatiana KIM
Tatiana KIM Partner

Tatiana is a co-founder of Simile Venture Partners

She is Korean, grew up and lives in Russia, works all her professional life in international environment.

Tatiana brings corporate and start-up experience, business analysis and investment expertise. Her professional interests are in high-tech, consumer internet and emerging markets. Tatiana spends significant time on travelling across the globe meeting entrepreneurs and developing business connections.

She started her career in telecom industry with Motorola where she worked 9 years at various management positions in corporate and cellular infrastructure divisions overseeing operations in the emerging markets of EMEA region. The following 12 years she spent with Direct Group founded by Pascal Clement, building more than a dozen of new ventures from idea to well-established companies in industries as diverse as multi-chanel distance selling, financial services and logistics. Tatiana served on the boards of, WebPrimeGroup ( and,,, Otto Group Russia and MigCredit. She also led all investments, M&A and strategic partnerships activity of the group and realized 9 successful exits to major international and local corporations. She sits on the boards of Fastlane Ventures and Direct Group. Meanwhile, Tatiana invested as business angel in internet start-ups and is an LP in Redpoint eventures, a VC focusing on internet companies in Brazil. 

Pascal Clement
Pascal Clement Partner

Pascal is a co-founder of Simile Venture Partners.

He is French, worked between France and Russia for almost 20 years and now exploring business opportunities in Asia and Africa.

Pascal is a serial entrepreneur and market innovator, acting as a reference leader in B2C segment. He possesses deep understanding of consumer behavior as well as unique experience in driving companies from creation through rapid growth.

He founded his first company in 1996 which became the major distance selling player in Russia and was eventually acquired by Otto Group. In 1999 Pascal set up Direct Group, the holding specialized in building new businesses. Direct Group launched over a dozen of companies, most of which have grown to the market leader's positions. Among them Rusfinance bank - consumer credit bank acquired by Societe Generale, Alma Group  - agricultural holding acquired by group of European and local investors, MigCredit - microfinancing company acquired by major financial group in Russia, Directstar - telemarketing company acquired by Teleperformance. Pascal invested and played integral role in development of the leading e-commerce players in Russia, such as and and co-founded Fastlane Ventures - the first acceleration program for internet start-ups in Russia. 

We partner with entrepreneurs that share our core values and drive to success

Simile Venture Investments

We are proud to partner with great entrepreneurs and highly motivated management team that share the ambition to create disruptive companies and make a large impact in the consumers' lives.

We actively support the founders at the very early stage of the venture to accelerate their growth and optimize their success. All portfolio companies are designed to become market leaders within their respective industries.

Our companies run at full speed to lead the development of various verticals in the consumer internet space around the world. We are available to them wherever and whenever they need us.

We are constantly working to expand our portfolio with outstanding companies. Want to partner with us and join this great portfolio? Let's talk about your needs and how we can help you develop your start up.

You have an idea and want to turn it into a successful venture, we would be glad to hear more about it and help you out.

Digital Media

Country: Turkey


Online shopping destination that provides in-demand products at deep discount

Country: Germany


The blog that brings Asia tech and startup news to the world.

Country: Singapore


Innovative consumer centric end-to-end platform for the auto repair industry

Country: Russia


Keyboard app

Country: UK


Acquired by CPX Distribuidora LTDA November 2016

Online Tyre Retailer in Brazil

Country: Brazil


Marketplace for merchants with add on services

Country: SEA


Big Data solutions for financial companies

Country: Russia


Exited at round C November 2014

Innovative online car buying business

Country: Germany


Middle East Leading Car Buying Service

Country: UAE


Mobile marketplace for budget stay in India

Country: India


Deltamethod Acquired by Crealitics April 2016

Engineering online marketing

Country: Germany


Online brand for shoes

Country: Germany


Acquired by Groupon September 2013

Mobile-only app for true last-minute booking with hand-picked premium hotels

Country: Spain and other European countries

Lending solution for students allowing purchases of electronic gadgets and other goods

Country: India


Online retailer of used cars in India

Country: India


Our sweet spot is on the earliest stage of new venture creation

Simile Venture Strategy

We invest worldwide and work to fill in the funding gap existing between Angel Investment and Series A. 

Investment Criteria

Target countries:

We target all the markets with high profits opportunities with a special interest in Europe, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Turkey and Russia. 

Preferred stage:

Our investment stage ranges from Hatch stage (co-founding of the business) to Series A. We are not afraid of commiting before a company has launched a product or gained traction, aiming to be the first or among the first investors in a company. We are also eager to co-found businesses with entrepreneur having a proven track record and seeking for both a partner and seed financing to launch a project.


We are most excited to partner with founders with a vision of the future, a drive to build the next big thing and persistence for excellence in execution. The Team is the most important aspect to us.


We invest in a vast range of models and verticals within the Consumer Internet sector. We have a preference for models with a clear monetization, a strong Unique Value Proposition and that answer a defined need in markets where there is an opportunity to build a sizeable business within 5 years.

Hatch Stage (we co-found businesses, we are not an incubator)
  • Incubation of an innovative idea or an existing model that matches both a market opportunity and the founder(s) expertise
  • Joint set up of the company
  • Business Model knowledge transfer and operational support in key functions: Marketing, Strategy, Business Development... 
  • Pre-seed/Seed financing
Seed stage
  • Committing to the founder(s) idea and optimism
  • Consolidation of the core team and product development
  • Support in defining the right strategy and knowledge transfer
  • Seed financing
Early Stage
  • Proven initial assumptions of the model
  • Initial sales traction and clear path to revenue generating
  • Consolidated core team
  • Co-investment in Series A
We support entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their journey to build global champions

Please e-mail us your investor presentation or executive summary to

26-28, rue Edward Steichen  
L-2540 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 2747 8488
Fax: +352 2747 8489

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